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Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Server Flaw Exploited by state-sponsored Hackers

Multiple state-sponsored hacking groups are exploiting a vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange email Servers that the company patched in February. The exploitation attempts were first spotted by UK cyber-security firm Volexity on Friday. Volexity confirmed that exploitation of this security flaw began in late February, with several organizations already having their networks compromised after state-backed advanced persistent…

Zoho Logo

Zoho ManageEngine Zero-day Vulnerability Discovered and Fixed

A zero-day vulnerability is discovered in Zoho ManageEngine Desktop Central endpoint which could cause serious damage to customers if exploited. web-based office suite and SaaS provider, Zoho, was revealed to contain a zero-day vulnerability in the ManageEngine Desktop Central endpoint. ManageEngine Desktop Central endpoint is an endpoint management tool that helps managed service providers (MSPs)…


Intel CSME Flaw Affects All Intel Chips Released in The Last 5 Years

A new vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2019-0090, affects all Intel chips that could allow attackers to bypass every hardware-enabled security technology. All Intel processors released in the past 5 years contain an unpatchable vulnerability that could allow hackers to compromise almost every hardware-enabled security technology that is designed to shield sensitive data of users even when…


Mediatek-exploatering påverkar miljontals Androidenheter

En allvarlig sårbarhet i MediaTek Command Queue-drivrutin som utvecklarna sade påverkar miljontals enheter. Den första måndagen varje månad publicerar Google ”Android Security Bulletin”, där den avslöjar alla säkerhetsproblem och deras korrigeringar. Google offentliggjorde just Android Security Bulletin för mars 2020, där det avslöjas en allvarlig sårbarhet i MediaTeks Command Queue-drivrutin som utvecklarna sade påverkar miljontals…