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cisco webex

Sårbarhet i Cisco Webex utnyttjad för att få tillgång till privata möten

Cisco Systems har patchat en sårbarhet med hög svårighetsgrad i Webex-videokonferensplattformen, vilket kan tillåta obehöriga användare att gå med i lösenordsskyddade Webex-möten. Sårbarheten, kallad CVE-2020-3142, påverkade Cisco Webex Meetings Suite-webbplatser och Cisco Webex Meetings Online-webbplatser som släpps tidigare än 39.11.5 och 40.1.3. Sårbarheten har fått en CVSS-poäng på 7,5 av 10 och upptäcktes medan experterna…

cisco webex

Cisco Webex Vulnerability exploited to join private meetings

Cisco Systems has fixed a high-severity vulnerability in the Webex video conferencing platform, which could allow unauthorized users to join password-protected Webex meetings.  The vulnerability, dubbed as CVE-2020-3142, affected Cisco Webex Meetings Suite sites and Cisco Webex Meetings Online sites, releases earlier than 39.11.5 and 40.1.3. It has received a CVSS score of 7.5 out…

cisco-Firepower Management Center

Cisco patches critical flaw in Firepower Management Center

A critical Cisco vulnerability exists in its administrative management tool for Cisco network security solutions. The flaw could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to bypass authentication and execute arbitrary actions with administrative privileges on a particular device. According to the company, the vulnerability exists in the web-based management interface of the Cisco Firepower Management Center…

FTCode ransomware

FTCODE ransomware is now aiming to steal browser and email credentials

The FTCode ransomware has been upgraded to steal saved user credentials from browsers and email services. Its targets are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Outlook. FTCode is believed to be the handiwork of Russian threat groups. Sophos first discovered the malware in 2013, and it reappeared in October 2019 as…


Mitsubishi Electric discloses major data breach SPECIAL

Japanese company Mitsubishi Electric disclosed a security breach that might have caused the leak of personal and confidential corporate information. Mitsubishi Electric Corp announced that it had been the target of a series of cyberattacks that has led to information regarding Government agencies and other business partners being compromised. The security breach was discovered after…