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OnePlus discloses a new data breach

Chinese Smartphone maker OnePlus has suffered a second security breach since January 2018. A third-party has gained access to some of oneplus’s customers’ order information without authorization. The exposed information included details like customer names, contact numbers, emails, and shipping addresses. According to the company, the breach did not affect all customers and the exposure…

threat Intelligence Programs

How Can Threat Intelligence Help Organizations?

 Enterprise Objectives for Threat Intelligence Programs Many organizations use threat intelligence to improve, implement, and manage various vital areas. Corporations use threat intelligence to enhance their network security, incident response, and risk management and to prevent their IT assets from emerging threats. Whenever cyber security programs consist of threat intelligence, It can better improve and…

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Characteristics of Cyber Threat Intelligence

The characteristics of CTI: Collects data from multiple sources such as open-source and industrial data feeds, and internal and external sources. Creates customized and prioritized alerts based on the IT infrastructure of the organization. Helps in identifying initial Indicators of Compromise (loCs) and bit by bit pivots on to spot connected indicators and artifacts to assess the likelihood of an attack. provides an ability to…