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uber hacker

hackers extorting money from uber and linkedin plead guilty

According to the US Department of Justice, two gray hat hackers, Brandon Charles Glover and Vasile Mereacre, pleaded guilty to hacking and extorting companies including Uber and Linkedin back in 2016. In early November 2016, the two contacted the company’s Chief Security Officer, claiming they “found a major vulnerability” and provided a sample of the…


xHelper infected over 45K android phones

A mysterious mobile malware has infected over 45,000 Android devices in the past six months. The malware, called XHELPER is unremovable and capable of reinstalling itself even after being manually removed. It hides from users, downloads additional malicious apps, and displays advertisements. This malware was first spotted back in March but slowly expanded to infect…

WhatsApp zero-day

Facebook sues NSO over WhatsApp zero-day

   Facebook filed a lawsuit against Israeli NSO Group, the company that sells spyware products and the creator of the Pegasus spyware, alleging that the company was actively involved in hacking users of its end-to-end encrypted WhatsApp messaging service.      Facebook owns WhatsApp that has nearly 1.5 billion users worldwide. In early May, WhatsApp detected…

unicredit logo

UniCredit suffers a third data breach

UniCredit, the Italian Banking Institution, spent 2.4 billion euros on upgrading its cybersecurity profile and still got hit with another data breach just recently. Resulting in the revealing of three million customer’s information, all of which related to Italian customers. The company revealed that names, telephone numbers, email addresses, and cities where clients were registered,…