Cyber criminals range from rogue individuals to organized crime groups to state-sponsored factions. They use techniques like phishing, social engineering, and all kinds of malware to pursue their nefarious plans. Cybercriminals are known to access the cybercriminal underground markets found in the deep web to trade malicious goods and services, such as hacking tools and stolen data.

Cybercriminals are individuals or teams of people who use technology to commit malicious activities on digital systems or networks to steal sensitive company information or personal data, and generating profit. cyber criminals tactics include cyberespionage, malware, identity theft and other fraud, cryptojacking, cyberextortion, and cyberbullying.

who has created this mobile remote access Trojan?

mobile remote access Trojan that sells Android users information for $ 30

The mobile remote access Trojan reached the gates of the Android world. Researchers have warned Android users of the risk of exfiltration of their information, such as photos, locations, contacts, and messages from popular apps such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Kik, Line, and Google Messages. This danger is derived from a second threat…

dark nexus

Dark Nexus, a new IoT botnet spotted in the wild

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a new IoT botnet, tracked as Dark Nexus. The new botnet can be used to launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Dark nexus has compromised hundreds of IoT devices, including routers from Dasan Zhone, Dlink, and ASUS, video recorders, and thermal cameras. Researchers from cybersecurity firm Bitdefender said in a post that the new…

Dharma, ransomware-källkoden är nu tillgänglig för försäljning på hackforum

Ransomware-källkoden för en av de mest lukrativa ransomware-strains, Dharma, har gjorts tillgänglig för försäljning på två ryska hackingforum. Enligt ZDNet säljs källkoden Dharma ransomware till ett lågt pris på 2 000 USD.     Den aktuella frågan om ransomware-källkoden som är tillgänglig för försäljning, är att koden så småningom skulle vara tillgänglig för offentlig internet…